Five centuries of hospitality in a historic, 13th-century palazzo

The 500 years of hospitality that have been provided in the palazzo of the ‘Captain of the People’, now Hotel Posta, constitute a fascinating history that is inextricably linked with that of the city of Reggio Emilia.

The building itself, which was erected in the late 13th century at the very centre of the hexagon and faces out over the square that plays host to the town hall and the cathedral, is a time capsule of mediaeval Reggio and of the dialectic between the various powers of a city in search of its own place in a world that was rapidly changing.

The hotel thus embodies a captivating journey through the political, economic and social history of the city, but also through the history of art and architecture, from Romanesque to Art Nouveau, with 20th-century contributions from such masters as Guido Tirelli. In short, the ‘Palazzo del Capitano’ has been transformed while retaining intact its original structure, which is so much a part of the fabric of the oldest quarter of the city.

Hotel Posta, 4-star hospitality

In the heart of the oldest part of Reggio Emilia, the 4-star Hotel Posta offers you a relaxing stay in delightful surroundings, where art, history and tradition are combined with every imaginable modern comfort.

Facing out over Piazza Grande, just a short stroll from the Romanesque cathedral and the ‘Sala del Tricolore’, birthplace of the Italian tricolour, Hotel Posta includes a large, frescoed hall that provides the perfect backdrop for all types of events, alongside welcoming, enchanting guest rooms, each of which is different from the others, and a stunning, Art Nouveau breakfast room.

It is the ideal base if you’re visiting Reggio Emilia on business or on holiday, and is the perfect option for small groups, families and couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway.

In 2015, the hotel celebrated its 500th anniversary as a provider of accommodation: the Sidoli Terrachini family has been perpetuating its traditions of hospitality since 1919, doing so at all times with love, passion and consummate professionalism.

Owned by the Sidoli Terrachini family, Hotel Posta’s annexe is the 3-star Albergo Reggio, which is located just a stone’s throw from the main hotel and offers a simple, understated alternative for those who want to make the most of being right in the centre of the city. Certain rooms have their own kitchenette. 

The family also owns the Cavazzone farm, located on the hillsides around Reggio Emilia, where it produces a renowned balsamic vinegar. Guests staying at the hotel thus have an excellent excuse – as if one were needed – to visit the production facility and to taste the brown nectar at the farm’s restaurant or a stay in one of the rooms at the Cavazzone farm-holiday complex.  

Last but not least, in the centre of Reggio Emilia, Villa Levi Terrachini completes the family’s portfolio. This villa is the ideal venue for exclusive events in refined, discreet surroundings. The perfect place in which to mark an important occasion.