We are located in the heart of Reggio Emilia, a city to be savoured


If you’re staying at the 4-star Hotel Posta in Reggio Emilia, you can organise enjoyable excursions that will allow you to discover a part of Italy that is exceptionally rich in history and tradition. Feel free to ask at Reception for more information!



If you have a passion for modern art, you can admire the works of the Maramotti Collection, the Spazio Gerra and the recent permanent installations by Luciano Fabro, Robert Morris and Sol Lewitt, which are to be found in the palazzos of the city centre, together with those by other contemporary artists.


We would also recommend a visit to the Civic Museums (Musei Civici), and to the Tricolour Museum (Museo del Tricolore), which will enthral you with the story of the local origins of Italy’s national flag, and also features an interesting section dedicated to the movement for Italian unification (known as the Risorgimento in Italian); the nearby Parmeggiani Gallery offers three brilliant 19th-century collections – objets d’art, paintings and period furniture.


Reggio Emilia is famous for its 19th-century ‘Romolo Valli’ Municipal Theatre, one of the most attractive of all Italian theatres, with its extraordinary gilded stucco decorations and its stunning Neoclassical facade; it was at the Valli Theatre that Luciano Pavarotti made his debut, and it was also the venue for the staging in 1888 of the first opera by the composer Alberto Franchetti; nearby is the Ariosto Theatre with its late Art Nouveau frescoes.


All of the following cultural hotspots are within easy striking distance of Reggio Emilia: Parma, Modena, Bologna, Cremona, Busseto, Mantua, Ferrara, Sabbioneta, Sassuolo and Maranello.


There is a plethora of castles in the vicinity of Reggio, including Canossa, Rossena, Bianello, Carpineti, the Rocca del Boiardo in Scandiano, the Rocca dei Gonzaga in Novellara, Palazzo Bentivoglio in Gualtieri, along with many others just a short drive away.


The banks of the River Po are lined by towns and villages laden with history: Gualtieri, Boretto, Brescello (the setting for the ‘Peppone and Don Camillo’ film saga), Guastalla and Sabbioneta.


Just 20 minutes’ drive from our hotel will take you to Maranello, where you can immerse yourself in the history of the world’s most famous racing cars. The surrounding area is also home to Lamborghini Motori in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Pagani Automobili in San Felice sul Panaro and Maserati Automobili in Modena, all of which can be visited, as can the home of Enzo Ferrari, which is also in Modena.


The Max Mara outlets at Boretto di Reggio Emilia (around 35 km away) offer exclusive shopping at discount prices; in addition, some serious retail therapy is on offer at Fidenza Village, the Mantua fashion district and various other local malls.


From our hotel, you can easily visit the local producers of Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and Parma ham, along with some of the leading wineries in the area.


At our ‘Cavazzone’ farm-holiday complex, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner at which you can savour the extraordinary dishes of the local culinary tradition in highly evocative surroundings, with the option to visit the company’s balsamic vinegar cellar (booking required). There is also the possibility to visit the museum area, to go for a stroll in the lush landscape or to hold a meeting in the rooms of the farm-holiday complex.